Digital Inclusion



We believe everyone has the potential to better themselves and participate in the conversations that help improve their communities.

Security, prosperity, and even the environment depends on individuals accessing information and feeding their capacity to make informed choices while remaining agile and adaptable to accelerated change.

We are here to make sure everyone is digitally included.

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Digital literacy, digital competency or technology literacy, describes more than competence with the use of technology. It defines the ability to find, analyze and evaluate information, while being creative in the use of ICT to communicate and collaborate with others.

Our Commitments

A big part in helping people to understand new technologies is by researching those technologies and knowing them intimately.

The cost of digital exclusion is great. By not being digitally included, full participation in nearly every aspect of society is almost prohibited. This would include economic distress, lack of a continued education, inability to identify and get treatment for health issues, and becoming disconnected from civic involvement.

We are committed to

  • All people understanding the benefits of advanced information and communications technologies.
  • All people having equitable and affordable access to broadband internet connected devices and content.
  • All people having the social, economic, and educational advantages afforded through these technologies.




Security & Safety Online

Despite hacks and attacks occurring with increasing frequency, there are ways to protect yourself online. We can show you how.



We are experts in Information and Communication technologies, and we know how to make those technologies accessible for everyone! We are comfortable using the web and can show you how you can be comfortable and inspired in using these technologies. We can show you where to go to learn what you need to succeed.


using technology


From the basics to advanced topics (like the cloud), we can help.



We stay abreast of technology trends and look to where technology will be heading. We are passionate about sharing that knowledge and are dedicated to discovering the best ways to impart what we have learned and discovered.



John Doe

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We haven’t received any testimonials yet, but expect them soon! Until we have wowed and impressed, this will serve as a placeholder…

About Our Company


We have just recently started helping with digital inclusion. We are young and hungry to help you really succeed. Come on in and talk to us about about how we can help. The Internet (and other computer and communications technologies) can seem intimidating and we are here to show you  how to use them and thrive! We are successful when you are successful!

Our goal is to have you become inspired to use technology. We want you to be more than digitally literate. Sure, we can show you how to fill out a form online or look up an item of interest. We also want to show you how to critically evaluate your search results to determine whether or not specific results are of value to you. 

You’re unique and have important contributions to make! We want to help you become inspired to use the web and share with the world what you have to say and your unique perspective.

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We are advocates for open source and collaboration.

See some of the open source products we use and collaborative projects we are a part of here .